Paynes Polystyrene Hive Feeder



  • Miller style feeder for Paynes Polystyrene Hive.
  • A full size feeder for maximum feeding capacity. Holds 7.5 Litres (16.5 pounds approx) of liquid feed/sugar syrup.

New feature:

  • It now has a clear cover over the central channel so that the bees are self-contained and when you remove the lid of your hive there is the minimum disruption.

How to use?

  • Fits directly over Brood Body – as close as possible to the brood cluster or colony for overwintering.
  • Fill deep compartment with liquid feed or homemade sugar syrup.
  • Bees come up through the middle section to feed.

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Why choose Paynes Polystyrene Parts:

  1. Durable and Light
    • Paynes Polystyrene Parts are made from a very high density material, 120g/litre – up to 4 times stronger than the polystyrene used for packaging.
    • Polystyrene is a lightweight material and this means it is easier to lift off the parts and better for anyone who suffers from lower back pain!
  2. Super Insulated
    • Polystyrene is a natural insulator – less bees are required to maintain the heat required for effective brood rearing, helping to improve overwintering and giving you an earlier spring build up.
  3. No build required
    • Each Paynes Polystyrene hive component is one piece moulded so there are no weak joints and very minimal assembly needed before you add your bees.
  4. Compatible
    • Mix and match your wooden parts with your Paynes Polystyrene Parts to form your hive. Only the roof from a wooden hive can not be used!

Additional information

Weight 1760 g

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