8 Inch Deep Roof – Cedar


  • 8 Inch Deep Roof made with Canadian Grown Western Cedar.
  • Superior Quality.
  • Natural Fungicide protects the wood from rotting.
  • Metal upper to provide added protection from the weather.
  • Ventilation holes reinforced with strong metal mesh on 2 sides.
  • Fits National and Commercial Hives
  • Product of the UK. UK Flag

All parts supplied flat requiring assembly. Watch out for sharp edges.


Canadian Western Red Cedar

Canadian Western Red Cedar is the provincial tree of British Columbia, (Canada) & can live to thousands of years old. A chemical substance is found in mature trees and serves as a natural fungicide, preventing the wood from rotting. This effect lasts around a century even after the tree is cut. The soft red-brown timber has a tight, straight grain. It is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay.


Use a Square (or a large hardback book) to get your sides at 90 degree angles before nailing or screwing together. Wood glue is also useful when slid into grooves before securing with a nail or screw. Get help if it is your first time as can be tricky.

Additional information

Weight 5670 g
Assembled or Flat