Welcome to Bee Supplies 

The home of quality bee Keeping equipment

Welcome to Bee Supplies 

The home of quality bee Keeping equipment

The European Varroa treatment of choice is now licensed for use in Ireland and is exclusively available from ourselves

New Improved Poly Nuc

Due to the phenomenal demand of this new product we are temporarily out of stock until the end of May. Just in time for swarming.You may  pre order not to miss out on the next delivery!

Beginner Bee Keeping Kits

Bee Keeping Beginners Kits

Beginner kits here. All our kits include only the best available quality for all parts included as well as the BBwear suit. These suits offer complete protection, comfort and quality and is proven to last for many years.

Welcome to Bee supplies

Suppliers of Quality wooden hives made from Cedar and Deal, Polystyrene hives, Polystyrene Nucs, Protective clothing, feed and medicine.

Polystyrene Hives

Fantastic insulation for winter and summer. Brilliant for overwintering smaller colonies.We stock three different brands Maisemore, Paynes and Swienty.

Wooden Hives

Choose from either Western Red Cedar or Deal .Commercial is only available in Cedar.

Polystyrene Nucs

Fantastic range from Maisemore and  Paynes poly nucs. We now have the maismore commercial nuc in stock here


Licensed Merchant to sell medicines for bees.

Feeders and Feed

Fondant, syrup, pollen fondant mix and feeders.

Protective Clothing

We have been supplying BB Wear suits for the last few years and have nound them faultless. Having sold suits from Europe and beyond, we now know there is no substitute for quality.
Our Equipment Being Installed at AIB bank Center

Give Paul A Call

If you would like us to come and visit your association or Bee Keeping group call Paul today on 086 177 9900

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