Apifonda is supplied ready for use.

How to use?
  • The feeding amount depends on a few factors; the size and strength of your bees. 
  • Water does not need to be provided as long as bees are foraging. 
  • Carefully slice with a blade into the base of the pack, cut out a small piece of the plastic and lay over a hole in your crownboard. Can also be placed directly onto frames above the brood for weaker hives. Bees will access through this hole and eat as necessary.
  • Store inside and/or at a constant temperature of around +10°C to + 20°C.
  • Product of Europe.
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Micro-fine paste feed

Apifonda is a ready-made feed fondant that is composed mainly of sucrose. It contains micro-fine crystals which are coated with a thin film of syrup made of dissolved sugars, and which prevents the clumping and crusting of the crystals.

Apifonda – advantages

  • ready to use without any preparation
  • no need to add water- ready made
  • highest purity and stable consistency
  • can be kept for months if carefully stored
  • also suitable for migratory beekeeping

Typical uses

  • Spring stimulation
  • Gaps in the nectar flow
  • Winter feeding
  • Forming of new nuclei

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