Nuc Optional Extra’s

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Maisemore Nuc Brood Extension

  • Strong, durable material up to 4 times stronger than packaging polystyrene.
  • Paint with Masonry Water based Paint To Prolong its life &
  • Give it Extra Protection from Other Insects & Animals.
  • Prepare Your Maisemore Nucleus Colony for Your Fullsize (12 frame) Hive by adding
  • An extra 6 Frames Extension.

Quality Product of UK

Maisemore Poly Nuc Super


Add this Maisemore Poly Nuc Super to your National or Commercial Maisemore Poly Nucs To Give Your Colony Extra Space For Stores Or To Produce Honey.


Top Points

  • Strong, durable material up to 4 times stronger than packaging polystyrene.
  • Painted with a Masonry Water based Paint like Sandtex To Prolong It's Life &
  • Give it Extra Protection from Other Insects & Animals.
  • A perfect Insulator for use in Ireland's Winters!

Quality Product of UK

Maisemore Nuc Slotted Steel Queen Excluder

Use this if you are adding Supers to your nuc to stop the queen from laying in them. UK sourced quality product. Fits flush against brood extension.

Maisemore Nuc Eke

This is used for creating a space between the top bars and the roof to enable feeding of fondant or queen rearing .

Maisemore Nuc Travel Lid

Ventilated roof allowing transport of bees in warmer weather.

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