Wooden Framed Queen Excluder 46 x 46


A wooden frame on a rounded wire queen excluder. Use This Queen Excluder as an upgrade to our plastic or metal Queen Excluders.

Bee Space is included on one side only. When you have metal runners on your Brood Box you need to provide extra bee space for your bees to fit under your Wooden Framed Queen Excluder.

Easier to clean – try our Excluder Cleaner tool and Hive & Equipment Wash.


Bee space is included on one side and when using frame runners in your brood body you need to make sure you have placed correctly (bee space down) on the hive before adding supers.

This product is best for use on our National and Commercial Wooden hives and is not suitable for Paynes and Maisemore Polystyrene hives. We offer a larger 50 x 50 size for these hives.

Additional information

Weight 1190 g