Swienty Roof


  • Durable new design high density Polystyrene
  • 4 inch deep Roof.
  • Lightweight & weather resistant.
  • Add a coat of water based masonry paint.

Sourced in Europe.


A strong and durable roof, that lifts off easily.

Swienty Polystyrene Roof is made from a high density polystyrene. Manufactured in Denmark, it is designed and produced exclusively to satisfy the demands of the European market.

Polystyrene hives have many advantages compared to traditional wooden hives:

– highly insulating against frost and heat
– do not rot
– have an improved interior climate which ensures a large honey harvest
– light weight, which makes them easy to transport
– environmentally friendly
– extremely durable (with a lifetime of up to 30 years)
– easy to assemble