Swienty Breeze


  • Available in Sizes Small to XXL – see here size guide. A larger suit of XXXL is available at an extra charge.


  • Highly ventilated, lightweight polyester & cotton mix full beekeeping suit
  • 3 Layers – a double layer of ventilated fabric and a single layer of ventilated mesh.
  • Highly durable and made to last for many years.
  • CAT2 CE Certified – officially approved for working with bees.
  • Unique Hood Design – innovative shape allows hood to rest on shoulders rather than top of your head – best all-round protection from stings.
  • Adjustable sleeves with a thumb strap and velcro fastening.
  • Elastic at the waist and the ankles for a better fit
  • Multi pockets – with Velcro and zip fastenings – one with a carabiner for keys.
  • Extra reinforcement on knees, elbows, wrists, ankles and pockets.
  • Extra reinforcement on the stomach, where you often hold the hive against you.
  • Super durable & velcro hidden zippers.
  • Long zipper at the ankles.
  • Strap on the back of the suit for hanging up.
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Swienty Breeze Protector Suit

The Swienty Breeze Suit is a ventilated lightweight suit, that is designed to be more comfortable in warmer weather, but still have a high durability.

The suit is made up of three layers: Two layers of ventilated fabric and one thick layer of ventilated mesh, so the bees sting can’t reach the body. The suit is made to last many years and Swienty have focused 100% on quality, comfort, safety and sustainability.

New hat design

The unique hat design with an extra strong veil gives you the best protection of the face, without the hat sliding back and forth on the head. This is achieved by the innovative shape, that makes the hat rest on the shoulders instead of hanging on the head.

The flame-resistant veil is very stiff, which creates a good space around the ears, and gives a better view. The hat can of course be folded back or taken off completely.

Product of Europe.

Additional information

Weight 2640 g
Suit Size