Rhombus Escape


Clear Your Supers Fast

  • In as little as 4 hours you can have your supers cleared.
  • Place over one hole of the Crown Board (close the other).
  • Secure with small screws/pins (not included)
  • Leave in place for 24-48max hours.



  1. Secure to your Crown Board and place with the Rhombus Escape to the bottom of the Crown Board between the Supers And Brood Chamber.
  2. Bees will be drawn to the scent of the brood below.
  3. Bees will leave the Supers, go down through the hole in the crown board and find their way down to the Brood Chamber by the small holes at each point on Rhombas Escape.
  4. If Multiple Supers you may require an eke to provide extra space for the clustering bees.
  5. If left on too long the bees may figure out how to return to the Supers. This is unlikely to happen within 48 hours.

This is an original product designed and manufactured in France.