Paynes Polystyrene Starter Kit


Paynes Hive is a precast mold not requiring assembly, superior grade Miller Style Feeder and plastic Entrance Block doubles as a mouse guard.

All our kits include a high quality bee suit and gloves, 1st grade UK sourced frames and foundation.  Comprises of Roof, 1 x Super, Plastic Queen Excluder, Brood Body, Poly Crown Board, 11 x National Brood Frames, 1 Dummy Board, 12 x National Super Hoffman Frames, Wired Foundation, Superior Miller Style Feeder, 2.5kg Bag of Apiinvert Syrup, Mesh Floor with Entrance Block, Metal runners, Hive Strap, 100g bag of nails.

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The polystyrene hive has many benefits over a wooden version. It’s made from a very high density material, 100g/litre - up to 3 times stronger than what is used for packaging. Its lightweight and durable meaning you get a strong, robust hive that will last 30+ years. No assembly needed, just a splash of masonry paint on the outside. Its insulation properties also makes it ideal as less bees are required to maintain the heat for effective brood rearing, this helps improve overwintering and early Spring build up.

A Complete National Hive, consists of:

Open Mesh Floor with entrance block        Roof

Brood Box                                                   Hive Strap and 100g bag of frame nails

2 x poly Supers                                           Frame runner for the brood/supers

Plastic Excluder                                          11 National Brood frames +11 sheets foundation (+dummy board)

Poly Crownboard                                        24 National super Hoffmann frames + 24 wired foundation

The BB501 is our Basic Full Suit. It is made in the UK using premium 67% polyester and 33% cotton. All fabrics we use are colourfast and shrink proof. It is suitable for our climate and is machine washable. Other features include: detachable hood, Velcro tabs where neck zips meet for extra security and elasticised at waist, ankles and wrists. We stock 3 basic colours, white, sage and biscuit, other colours available on request. We also offer a made to measure and repair service. The kit includes a choice of rubber or leather gloves with gauntlets. The smoker is a 10cm in diameter, has a guard, insert and hanging hook. The high quality brush is used to gently remove the bees from the frames. The hive tool is made from stainless steel and is used to manipulate the frames in the hive.

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