Paynes Polystyrene Hive


Empty:  Roof, Brood Body, 2 x Supers, Poly Cover Board, Plastic Queen Excluder, Mesh Floor with plastic entrance block, runners & a Cam Strap.

Flat: As above plus 11 Brood Frames & 24 Super Hoffman frames and wired foundation requiring assembly, 100g nails & a single dummy board.

Assembled: 11 Assembled Brood Frames & 24 Assembled Super Hoffman Frames and wired foundation. 100g nails & a single dummy board.


Paynes Polystyrene Hive

The polystyrene hive has many benefits over a wooden version. It’s made from a very high density material up to 4 times stronger than what is used for packaging. It is lightweight and durable, meaning you get a strong, robust hive that can last 30+ years. Its insulation properties also makes it ideal as less bees are required to maintain the heat for effective brood rearing, this helps improve overwintering and early Spring build-up. A quick lick of paint with any masonry paint is the only maintenance it requires.