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Paynes Brood body with assembled frames

Brood Body with runners, 11 assembled frames and a dummy board.

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Paynes Super with Assembled Frames

National Payne Polystyrene Super and 12 Assembled 1st Grade Super Hoffman Frames and Shallow Wired Foundation & 100g bag of nails.

Paint the outside of your polystyrene with any masonry paint to increase the longevity. Polystyrene bee hives are 30 x times better quality than polystyrene packaging - they provide better heat within the hive and they are much lighter to handle.

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Poly Feeder

Paynes Polystyrene Crown Board

What is it?

  • A Clearing Board designed to use under your Paynes Polystyrene Supers.
  • Quickly clearing supers of bees at honey harvest.

How to use?

  • Using 2 x Porter Bee Escapes (included), the bees leave the supers and don't find their way back.
  • It has a deep sided edge so that fondant can be placed inside it without the need for additional bee space.
  • It can also be turned over and used as an Eke and works well with trays of Varroa Mite Bee Medicine.

Wooden Framed Queen Excluder 50 x 50

  • This product has rounded corners to fit neatly into hive.
  • Rounded wire in a wooden frame.
  • Bee-space on one side.
  • This fits our Maisemore & Paynes Polystyrene Hives only.
  • Easier to remove on hive inspections.

Crownboard Wood 50 x 50

  • Rounded Corners on Wooden Crown Board.
  • Sized 50 x 50 to fit Maisemore & Paynes Polystyrene Hives only.
  • Two holes sized to Porter Bee Escapes (sold separately).
  • Uses for feeding or clearing your supers.
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