Paynes Polystyrene Crown Board


What is it?

  • A Clearing Board designed to use under your Paynes Polystyrene Supers.
  • Quickly clearing supers of bees at honey harvest.

How to use?

  • Using 2 x Porter Bee Escapes (included), the bees leave the supers and don’t find their way back.
  • It has a deep sided edge so that fondant can be placed inside it without the need for additional bee space.
  • It can also be turned over and used as an Eke and works well with trays of Varroa Mite Bee Medicine.


Why choose Paynes Polystyrene Parts?

  1. Durable and Light
    • Paynes Polystyrene Parts are made from a very high density material, 120g/litre – up to 4 times stronger than the polystyrene used for packaging.
    • Polystyrene is a lightweight material and this means it is easier to lift off the parts and better for anyone who suffers from lower back pain!
  2. Super Insulated
    • Polystyrene is a natural insulator – less bees are required to maintain the heat required for effective brood rearing, helping to improve overwintering and giving you an earlier spring build up.
  3. No build required
    • Each Paynes Polystyrene hive component is one piece moulded so there are no weak joints and very minimal assembly needed before you add your bees.
  4. Compatible
    • Ideally you want to use all polystyrene to attain the best outcome for your bees but you can mix and match your wooden parts with your Paynes Polystyrene Parts to form your hive. Only the roof from a wooden hive can not be used!

Additional information

Weight 650 g