Pat’s Crownboard, Eke and Bee Escape (46 x 46)


Three in one. Crownboard Eke and Bee Escape


It‘s a Crown Board, an Eke and a Bee Escape

 When turned as a crown board It ls the correct height for the bees to be able to walk across the frames but not to build the brace comb.When you need to harvest your crop you turn It upside down.Place It on top of the brood box, open the slots and stack your supers on top. The bees leave the supers and can’t find their way back. Ifs a very stress free way to remove the Honey Crop.

While the Crown Board ls In that position closetheslots and treat for Varroa.Some Varroa treatments benefit from extra space beneath the crown board.When treatment ls finished and tl1e feeders go on, reverse the crown board to It’s original position.

When you treat your bees with Oxallc Acid In late November or December tllp over your crown board again and introduce a pack of fondant. Place the fondant over the brood nest with a 25mm hole In the pack. Because of the heat In the hive the fondant wll stay pliable and usable to the bees..