National Starter Kit – Basic Kit Plus Swienty Hive



Roof, 1 x Super, 1 x Brood Body, Inner Cover Board, Plastic Queen Excluder, Open Mesh Floor, 10 x National Brood Frames, 1 National Dummy Single, 11 x National Super Hoffman Frames, Quality Wired Foundation, 19 litre Swienty Feeder, Plastic Runners, Cam Strap, 3 Smoker Cardboard Rolls, & 100g bag of Frame nails.

All parts come fully assembled.

Wax foundation will be separate so you can add when you need it with the Frame nails provided.



Swienty Polystyrene Hives

  • are newly developed made from high density polystyrene.
  • manufactured in Denmark especially for our climate.
  • are highly insulating.
  • do not rot.
  • have an improved interior climate.
  • Require painting – paint with a water based paint.

Additional information

Weight 20000 g
Suit Size

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


White, Sage

Glove Size

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Glove Type

Leather, Rubber