MAQS Beehive strip provides Irish Beekeepers with a no mess, easy to use product that delivers efficacy, flexibility and timing choice in the battle against varroa. The product is sold in a 2 or 10 treatment bucket, with one treatment being two strips. .

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  •  Authorised Veterinary Medicine
  •  Ready to use
  •  No additional hive equipment required
  •  Suitable for Irish conditions
  •  No proven varroa resistance
  •  Kills varroa on adult bees
  •  Kills varroa where they breed
  •  Open, flexible treatment times
  •  May be used with honey supers on
  •  No residue/tainting issues for honey or wax
  •  Only natural active ingredients
  •  Naturally occurring in honey – GMO free
  •  Treatment can be left in hive
  •  Easy to use – no mess

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How Many Treatments

10, 2