Maisemore National Poly Nuc


  • Nuc Polystyrene is 4 times stronger than that used in packaging.
  • Super insulated to keep your bees warm and aids the Queen to lay.
  • Great for overwintering your bees.
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  • Each Nucleus (Nuc) is made from a very high density material, 100g/litre - up to 4 times stronger than the polystyrene used for packaging.
  • This gives the Nucs great durability; able to withstand hive tools and it's lightweight properties will mean it is easier to handle too.
  • It's insulation properties also makes it ideal for use in Irish weather conditions.
  • Less bees are needed to maintain the heat required for effective brood rearing.
  • Ideal for the beginner beekeeper as this nuc is one piece.

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