Maisemore Commercial Hive

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Empty: Roof, Clear Crown Board, Brood Body, Plastic Queen Excluder, 2 x National Supers, Mesh Floor, 2 x Entrance Blocks and Hive Strap – for self assembly

Flat:  As above plus 12 Commercial Brood Frames & 24 National Super Hoffman, 36 Wired Foundation and 100g bag of frame nails – for self assembly

Assembled: As above plus 12 Assembled Commercial Brood Frames & 24 Assembled National Super Hoffman Frames, 36 Wired Foundation and 100g bag of frame nails

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Top Points

  • Strong, durable material up to 4 times stronger than packaging polystyrene.
  • Painted with a Masonry Water based Paint like Sandtex To Prolong It's Life &
  • Give it Extra Protection from Other Insects & Animals.
  • A perfect Insulator for use in Ireland's Winters!

Quality Product of UK