Hive & Equipment Wash


Hive & Equipment Wash – 1 Litre

  • Use on all Hives (including Polystyrene), Tools & Equipment relating to Beekeeping.
  • Ideal for immersion cleaning without the need to scrub or agitate.
  • Hive & Equipment Wash causes propolis and coatings containing carbohydrates to swell – making for easy removal.
  • Biodegradable.
  • 1L of Hive & Equipment Wash corresponds to the cleaning power of at least 200g caustic soda.
  • Product of Europe.
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How to Use?

  • Prepare an immersion bath with 1-2 liters of Hive & Equipment Wash to 50 – 100 liters of water.
    (very warm, approx. 60°C, ) and mix thoroughly. If possible heat with the help of a heating coil, this promotes the liquefaction of the adhesions.
  • Do not inhale the vapors, provide fresh air or preferably use outdoors.
  • After the immersion bath, rinse the equipment thoroughly with water (warm if possible). Repeat the entire process if necessary.
  • Do not leave aluminium utensils in contact with Hive & Equipment Wash solution for longer than 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly, otherwise discoloration may occur.
  • Observe hazard warnings and safety advice and safety data sheet.
  • Protect from temperatures <10°C. Best before date : 18 months.
Disposal advice:
  • Add diluted Hive & Equipment Wash solutions to the waste water channel. 1% solutions with 4 times the amount of water, 2% with 6-8 times and 3% solutions with 10 times the amount. If necessary, consult your public utility company or lower water authority as to whether dilution to pH 10 is sufficient.