Copper Smoker

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  • Body and lid are handmade from solid copper
  • Empire style
  • Lid has a plastic knob and a galvanized swivel hinge
  • Bellows made with synthetic leather
  • Inside smoker grill

Product of Europe

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Traditional Copper Smokers have remained popular throughout the ages due to their non corrosive properties. The first modern bee smoker with a bellow attached to a tin burner was invented by an American called Moses Quinby in 1873 and he gave it unpatented to the world.

The fact that smoke calms bees has been known since ancient times. Smoke masks alarm pheromones which are released by guard bees or bees that are injured during a beekeeper's inspection.

There are many different fuels that beekeepers use to produce the smoke. Fuel burns slowly due to the confined nature of the burning chamber and lack of oxygen. The bellows provides fresh air and feeds the smoldering fuel to produce the smoke.

The smoke should be cool to inspect your bees so they are not burned - test it before as hot smoke can cause aggression.