Basic Kit


Comprises of:

  • Holtermann Beekeeping Suit – provides Full protection from head-to-foot used with accessories.
  • Rubber/Leather Gloves with protection up to your elbows – giving full protection from stinging bees.
  • A Stainless Steel 10cm Smoker – used with smoker fuel to calm the bees.
  • A Standard Hive Tool – to pry open & clean hive, to help remove frames.
  • A Bee Brush – to gentle remove bees from your frames on inspection.

Choose your sizes and either Leather or Rubber Gloves – 70% of women would wear 5-5 1/2 (XS) and 70% of men would wear 8-8 1/2 (L). If you require an XXL or XS size please contact us.  Special orders usually take 5-10 working days to be delivered.

Basic Kit Robust EU Beekeeping suit. It is suitable for our climate­, is machine washable and doesn't shrink. There is a choice of rubber or leather gloves with gauntlets - usually complete beginners go for the rubber for an 'easier feel'. The smoker is 10cm in diameter, has a guard, insert and hanging hook and is used to calm the bees.. The high quality brush is used to gently remove the bees from the frames. The hive tool is made from stainless steel and is a multi-use tool, mainly for removing frames for inspection.

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Additional information

Weight 2430 g
Suit Size

Small, Medium, Large, Extra large


White, sage

Glove Size

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Glove Type

Leather, Rubber