National Starter Kit – Basic Kit Plus Cedar Hive


Comprises of Brood Body, 1 x Super, 8” Roof, Crown Board, Wooden Framed  Queen Excluder, Open Mesh Floor with Entrance Block and Landing Board, 12 x National Brood Frames, 12 x National Super Hoffman Frames(Flat Packed), Quality Wired Foundation, Rapid Feeder, Smoker Fuel and 100g bag of Frame nails.

*Requires assembly.

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Quality Canadian (grown) Western Red Cedar Hive fully assembled including 1st Grade - cut Frames and Quality Foundation. Frame nails are included to insert the foundation when required. 3 x rolls of cardboard smoker fuel to get you started and a 4 pint Rapid Feeder for your spring feed - buy with Apiinvert Syrup for a high quality feed for your over-wintered nuc.

+ Basic Kit

Robust EU Beekeeping suit. It is suitable for our climate­, is machine washable and doesn't shrink. There is a choice of rubber or leather gloves with gauntlets - usually complete beginners go for the rubber for an 'easier feel'. The smoker is 10cm in diameter, has a guard, insert and hanging hook and is used to calm the bees.. The high quality brush is used to gently remove the bees from the frames. The hive tool is made from stainless steel and is a multi-use tool, mainly for removing frames for inspection.

Canadian Western Red Cedar
Canadian Western Red Cedar is the provincial tree of British Columbia, (Canada) & can live to thousands of years old. A chemical substance is found in mature trees and serves as a natural fungicide thereby preventing the wood from rotting. This effect lasts around a century even after the tree is felled. The soft red-brown timber has a tight, straight grain and few knots. It is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay.

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