Apivar is a Varroa Treatment Medicine.

  • It comes in packs of 10 strips – this treats 5 hives. Two treatments per hive.
  • New hanging hooks supplied free of charge with every pack. A simple design for easier placement. Recycle after use.
  • Each strip is 210 x 40 mm wide and fits neatly between the frames without having to be cut or bent.
  • The active ingredient is Amitraz which paralyzes the varroa mite causing it to fall off the bees.

On posted Treatments you will need to return a signed copy of the Invoice in the supplied envelope.

A Record of each transaction will be retained for a period of two years. More details below.

Expiry Date 04/2025

The European Varroa treatment of choice is now licensed for use in Ireland. Bee Supplies Limited in Sandyford have exclusive rights to sell Apivar by the Merchant Distributor for Ireland.

It is sold in packs of 10 strips. There are two strips per treatment required and the pack will treat five hives. It can not by Law be broken down into lesser quantities.

One single application has efficacy up to 99% and there are no temperature constraints. It can be used at any time of year and is supplied with full instructions or you can download them below. The strips are left in for between 6 and 10 weeks depending on the size of the brood.

Apivar has a shelf life of 24 months. Not to be confused with Apitraz, which is a totally different formulation and has a shelflife of only 12 months. Information Leaflet here.

As it is classified as a medicine certain information needs to be collected by us and stored in a database and hard copy for the Department of Agriculture. You will also need to keep a copy of your receipt should you receive an inspection. Your information is protected in line with Data Protection Laws.

Department of Agriculture Contact Details: 

Email: [email protected] & Phone No: 016072000

Additional information

Weight 201 g