Apiguard is a Thymol based anti-varroa treatment. Primarily used in your late summer treatments after the honey harvest has been removed. It should be used in temperatures no lower than 15 degrees.

Application: Two trays per hive at a two week interval. Maximum two treatments per year.

There are 10 trays per box. This treats five hives.

A Record of each transaction will be retained for a period of two years. More details below.

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In cases of severe infestation Apiguard can be used during springtime when temperatures are above 15 degrees. Efficacy may vary between colonies due to the nature of the application and therefore you should use with other varroa treatments and mitefall should be regularly monitored.

Apiguard is a Varroa Treatment Medicine Licensed by the Department of Agriculture.  You must provide your Name, Address and Phone number to us at time of purchase and this will be held in hard and soft copy for a set time period. You must also keep your receipt on hand should you ever receive an inspection. Expiry date for Apiguard Medicine March 2025.

Apiguard is sold by the box of 10 Treatments.

Department of Agriculture Contact Details: 

Email: [email protected] & Phone No: 016072000