Care should be taken to follow all instructions on the pack – here is a sample of one method for trickling. Use with our Apibioxal doser (sold separately).

  • Using Protective gloves, Mask & Goggles.
  • Pour all the powder from 35g bag into 500ml of syrup (1:1 ration water/sugar) and mix until dissolved. Treats 10 Hives.
  • Dose 5ml per seam of bees -gap between top bars of frames.
  • Treatment in a single administration.
  • Max dose of 50ml per hive.
  • Provided as a 35g bag of 886mg/g powder per pack.
  • Product of Europe.

Expiration Date: Jan 2024

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  • Apibioxal should be used when brood levels are very low or nonexistent.
  • Oxalic Acid does not penetrate wax so will not kill mites within capped brood.
  • Best used in winter when brood is non-existent.
  • Seriously infested colonies may not survive despite proper treatment due to the effects of varroa infestation.
  • Treatment should be used within an integrated pest management program with other products and with mite drop regularly monitored.

This product is licensed as a Veterinary Medicine and as such records need to be kept for any inspections by the Department of Agriculture. If you buy online for delivery, you will receive a copy of your invoice that should be signed and returned in the envelope provided to Bee Supplies. Your details will be kept on file for the period required by Law.