Letter From Department of Agriculture


Hello Paul,

It has been brought to my attention that you are currently advertising on your web page the availability of single packs of medicinal product Apiguard

Regulation 20 (3) (a) of SI 786 of 2007 (Animal Remedies Regulations) states that if a “quantity to be supplied is less than that available in the smallest proprietary pack size lawfully available in the State a manufacturer’s licence is not required for dividing up….by a responsible person selling or supplying from a premises to which an animal remedies merchant’s licence relates, but only so far as an intramammary animal remedy is concerned”.

Therefore the medicinal product Apiguard (not being an intramammary) should only be sold by the box and not per pack as currently advertised.

This product should not be sub divided or further broken down.

As such I would ask that you immediately cease the practice of retailing this product by the pack and remove all advertisements to that effect from the website.

Any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Pat Clune

Veterinary Inspector

Medicines Division,

Administration Building

Backweston Campus


Co Kildare


Tel:    00 353 1 5058619

mob: 00 353 86 1414342