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The shop will be closed from Monday 25th July to Saturday 30 July as it is Gormanston Week. The shop will reopen on Wednesday 3rd August. Mail orders will still go out but may take a little longer than usual.

Maisemore Polystyrene National Hive

The polystyrene Brood Chambers and Supers have dovetail joints for easy assembling and do not require runners as they are built into the mould. They can be painted or just left as they are. To prolong the life of your hive we recommend painting it.
Roof, Brood Body, 2 x Supers, Plastic Crown Board, Plastic Queen Excluder, Mesh Floor with Plastic Entrance Block, Runners, Frame Nails & Hive Strap. Hoffman Frames & Wired Foundation. 
Option 1: Empty €129                                                                                                   
Option 2: Flat €249
 With 12 Brood Frames & 24 x Super Hoffman Frames 
 & Wired Foundation plus 100g bag of nails. 
Option 3: Assembled €279
 With 12 Brood Frames & 24 x Super Hoffman Frames 
 & Wired Foundation plus 100g bag of nails.                                                                                                                  

See our equipment

Paul will travel to your beekeeping association meeting or event with a selection of equipment for sale. This is an opportunity to "kick the tyres" and see our beekeeping equipment firsthand, ask questions, and save on shipping costs. Some items may sell out quickly, so to avoid disappointment, you can order in advance and collect your equipment on the day.